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a wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action..

The work Velleity is an installation of photographs presented on the gallery wall along with a photobook, which explore the process of self-reflection and self-discovery. This experimental work is a form of meditation, which reveals itself through the process of walking photographing, and repurposing into a work of art. The photobook, with its textual references and adaptation of color, develops the concept of the images and text as the language to describe the seemingly unexectopnal moments of everyday life. Visualizing the experience as a person navigating different cultures, social expectations, and realities, ponders my displacement in the past and present, leading to moments of isolation and a struggle to communicate with those around me.

Throughout the work, there is a series of repeated motifs. Photographs of a window are a recurring element of the work, as well as a soft pink color. Writing is an important part of my artistic process. The writing makes its way into the series in the photobook, in the form of deconstructed, murmuring text. Within the photobook, the text becomes a visual element, working with the images to reinforce the use of image as language to describe the seemingly unexceptional moments of daily life and the challenges of communication with those around me.

Apri 2018

 Postcard of Velleity

William Harris Gallery   |   Rochester, NY